MCNations Rules

Make sure you have read these rules before joining the battle!

Players Online:

Website Rules

Forum Rules / Guidelines

(Every member is granted with zero warning points when they first join the Forums. If you have received ten warning points, you will be banned from the Forums for a total of two weeks).

  • Do not post inappropriate links/ posts (2 Warning Points)
  • Do not bump threads (1 Warning Point)
  • Do not reverse Staff actions (2 Warning Points)
  • Do not spam a thread or post (2 Warning Points)
  • Do not create troll threads/ Applications (3 Warning Points)
  • Do not be disrespectful towards others (1 Warning Point)
  • Do not discuss other servers (5 Warning Points)
  • Do not advertise your YouTube if it's not involved with MCNations (2 Warning Points)
  • Do not spread hate or discrimination through threads/ posts (2 Warning Points)
  • Do not engage in unapproved transactions (2 Warning Points)
  • Do not create threads with sexual or religious nature (5 Warning Points)
  • Do not disrespect Staff or players (3 Warning Points)
  • Do not boost your points by posting useless threads (2 Warning Points)
  • Do not encourage players to vote for your post (1 Warning Point)
  • Do not use an inappropriate signature (Your signature will be blocked permanently)

Thread Locks

  • The Admin has deleted a related post.
  • The Admin or Staff member has requested a lock.
  • Negative posts or discrimination against religion or sexual beliefs.
  • Thread that contains hate on either the Staff, the server, or other players.
  • Harassment or bully in any shape or form.
  • Releasing information of another server.
  • Recommending players to upvote their thread/ post.
  • Recommending players to downvote certain threads/posts.
  • Troll threads/ Applications.
  • Adding polls to discriminate a player/server/Staff.

Team Recruitment

  • This is enabled.
  • Locking with take action if the post goes off-topic.
  • Negative rejections or discrimination towards other players is not allowed.
  • Creating a like policy to gain more forum votes.

Appeal Rules

  • Do not spam the Appeals (Every appeal will be looked through carefully)
  • Do not create troll Appeals.
  • Follow the template, or it will be automatically rejected.

If you do intend in breaking any forum rules/ guidelines, you will receive a certain amount of warning points. However, once you reach 10 warning points, you will be banned off the MCNations forums for two weeks.

Please keep our forums clean and respectful. If you do get caught bullying or harassing another player/ Staff member, you will be automatically banned from the forums for a certain amount of time. We do not accept harassment or discrimination towards other players, server, or Staff members.

Game rules

General Offenses

  • Spamming: Sending too many and / or repeating the same message in chat in a short period of time. - For example: If you post the same message 3 times in a sequence of 1-15 seconds, you will be first warned then followed by a kick if you commit this action again. However, if you continue to do these actions, you will be then temporary muted followed by a permanent if committed a fourth time.
  • Advertising: Sending a link or name in chat or private message which directs players to non MCNations content.
  • General Language: Bypassing the language censor and purposely trying to curse at another player.
  • Capitalization: Constantly using capitalization phrases or sentences in chat.
  • Alting: Using alterantive accounts to gain advantages or bypass mutes / bans

Nations at War Offenses

  • Ghosting: Supporting players with information by an alt or spectating another team/ nation and releasing it to an opposing player.
  • Spawn killing players when respawning on a nation. Entering or staying around the main building of the respawn is consider as spawnkilling.
  • Block glitching to an unknown area. Attempting to get into a restricted area without consent from an Admin will result in first a kick then a permanent ban if committed again.
  • Bug Exploiting: Releasing / Abusing bugs in the game to give yourself an advantage.
  • Trolling: Regular trolling and purposely trying to ruin the game for other players.
  • Inappropriate language or bypassing the censor.
  • Horse jumping into towns. This is allowed. However, horse jumping in Nations is NOT allowed.
  • Teaming with enemy nations: You are not allowed to team with other nations if your nation is affected.

Solum Map: Spawnkilling | Spawncamping

  • Spawnkilling is the act of purposly killing your opponent at their nation spawn, so they cannot leave their spawn area. If you are caught in either of these locations below, you will be first warned then if caught again, you will be temporary banned from the server for spawnkilling. However, if you continuously bypass this rule, you will be permanently banned from the server. We take spawnkilling seriously and we want you to have the full experience of Nations at War without being killed at your spawn consistantly. Again, if you are caught spawnkilling, you will be first warned then perm banned from the server if we catch you again. You may appeal or buy an unban pass.
  • Rome: If you enter the stairs (right or left) of Rome (Where the slime jump is), it is considered spawnkilling. If you follow the player you are attacking onto the stairs, it is still considered an offense.
  • Gaul: If you enter the staircase into the mountain, it is considered spawnkilling. You may not follow players onto the stairs.
  • Sparta: If you enter the stairway up to Sparta's spawn, it is considered spawnkilling. You may stay in the courtyard below the stairs; however, you may not chase a player onto the stairs.
  • Dacia: If cross the gate leading into the big castle where the Dacia spawnpoint is, it is considered spawnkilling. You may not enter in the castle's courtyard nor inside the castle.
  • Persia: You may not enter the large staircase where the founatin is nor the staircase to the left or right. This will be considered spawnkilling.
  • Scythia: If you enter the bridge towards the Scythia spawnpoint, it will be considered spawnkilling. You may not avoid the bridge and camp inside the spawn area. Also, you may not enter the water surrounding the Scythian Spawnpoint. However, if you get knocked into the water, please try to reach the side of the bridge immediately.

Teamspeak rules

General Offenses

  • Do not disrespect or harass other users.
  • Avoid using vulgar language.
  • Do not discriminate other users.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not troll.
  • Do not start argue/flame wars.
  • Do not exploit bugs or glitches.
  • Do not advertise.
  • Do not play music into the channels.
  • Do not use voice changers
  • No inappropriate names and/or avatars.
  • No inappropriate Teamspeak Channel Names.

Please respect the Teamspeak rules and guidelines. A Moderator/ Helper will be on extremely often moderating teamspeak. If you have any troubles or concerns, please message a Teamspeak Moderator or Helper.

Keep in mind that by using our teamspeak server, you agree with these rules. Private rooms are not exempt, if a player reports a bad behaviour in a private room, it will be removed.

Approved Mods

Approved Mods

  • Bspkrs mods: ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, and StatusEffectHUD.
  • Optifine.
  • Shaders mods.
  • Movement mods: Better Sprint, Sprint Toggle and Toggle Sneak.
  • Gamma Bright.
  • 5zigs Mod.
  • Minimaps mods: Rei's Minimap, Voxel Minimap and Zan's Minimap. Using radars with the minimaps is not allowed.
  • Too Many Items
  • Capes Mods.

All mods not listed here are considered unapproved until further notice and using them will result in a temporary or permanent banning.

If you believe that we are missing a mod, contact an admin or post it in forums.

Terms of Service

Coming soon...


All rules may be changed or modified at any time at the discretion of the Staff team. Enforcement of these rules is decided by the individual staff member. If you suspect a staff member is abusing their power or punishing incorrectly please contact an Admin.