Server Status

[Admin] Mott a posted Aug 25, 17


  Moving Forward


Just a quick update on the current server situation. Now that Craftii is back, we will be looking to bring several new and exciting updates to the game in the coming weeks. We are hopefully going get the server onto 1.12, in order to benefit from improved hit reg, as well as a significant increase in potential features that could be included!

Furthermore, we understand the huge gap in 'power' between new players and those with more play time. We think play time should be rewarded, however the current situation is clearly unfair on those new to the server. We are looking into solutions on how to fix this issue, with one main point of interest being horses. The most likely change will be the implementation of a horse weight system, similar to that of skill trees which should force players to balance between horse power, speed and jump height. If you have any suggestions on how to help balance our game, don't hesitate to make a thread with a detailed explanation of your idea.

As for the partnership, technically that is still in place. For those of you that watched preston's original video, the server clearly had some connectivity issues, among other things. We will be looking into how to improve those before he is to record again.

A couple of quick updates:

-Asoe is currently working on a new spawn for the Ketan map. This means in the future each map will have its own unique spawn.

-Centurion helmet and weapons are FINALLY in game, and those with centurion rank should be able to see them in /armoury. The items are modelled off roman legionary equipment, and are the best looking set so far in my opinion.

The staff team will be creating a post similar to this each month, outlining what has been done, and what will be done in the future.