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Nations At War - Revival

Hello Nations At War community!

As most of you know, our playercount has dropped significantly over the last couple of months, due to a lack of advertisement.

I am therefore excited to announce that we have secured a partnership with PrestonPlayz. For the next 3 months, this partnership will bring a variety of changes, and you should begin to see these changes take place over the next week or so. The exact date and time of his arrival has not been determined quite yet, but we assure you that it is very soon.

Release of Arena.

I am also very excited to announce the release of our new map Arena. Some of the older players might think they have seen the map before, but this map contains an entirely new set of cities and capitals, and along with the new skilltree update, it should provide some variety for even our most veteran players.

With this flood of new players, we will be increasing the number of servers online to 3. 

Stay tuned for updates on the forums, and I look forward to seeing our old playerbase return, along with the flood of new players!


Website Release

Charlie Clewer x posted Nov 28, 16

MCNations Network Website Release

We are happy to announce, after several weeks making changes to the design of our website, that the new definitive design is on live. We have worked hard on improving the design of the website, including new functionalities, animations, effects and features.

Our priority was to solve the color scheme that affected the old design of the website. Also, we wanted to add new features that we will explain below.

Click on read more for a full change log of the website.

We hope you like our new design and we promise that we will keep working hard to improve the player experience in MCNations Network

See you soon!

[+] The website is fully operative now. If you see a bug or something not working, please message Charlie Clewer


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